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RJC Members commit to and are independently audited against the RJC Code of Practices – an international standard on responsible business practices for diamonds, gold and platinum group metals. The Code of Practices addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain.

RJC also works with multi-stakeholder initiatives on responsible sourcing and supply chain due diligence. The RJC’s Chain-of-Custody Certification for precious metals supports these initiatives and can be used as a tool to deliver broader Member and stakeholder benefit.

Please explore the RJC website to discover more about our standards and certification programs, RJC Members, and Auditors, and how you might become involved with or benefit from our work.
DNVGL- Environmental Management System
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ISO 14001
Demonstrate your commitment to the environment.
ISO 14001 is the most recognized international standard for environmental management systems. It is used worldwide. The nature of ISO 14001 allows it to be applied to the complete range of business sectors, scopes, and activities. It is a truly universal standard, which is one of its great benefits. It provides a framework through which an organisation can deliver environmental performance improvement in line with its environmental policy commitments.  

The standard specifies requirements for how to proactively achieve the following intended outcomes:

Identify and understand the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services and associated environmental impacts.
Understand how significant aspects can be managed, implement necessary controls and set clear objectives to improve environmental performance.
Establish its environmental policy and objectives.
Manage its obligation to comply with applicable legal and requirements and other stakeholder obligations, and to regularly check the compliance status.
Continually improve the management system to enhance its environmental performance.

ISO 14001 is designed to be compatible and harmonized with other recognized management system standards, including ISO 9001. It is therefore ideal for integration into existing management systems and processes.
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ISO 9001
Certification of your quality management system demonstrates your commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction. These are tangible business benefits that play an important part in building a sustainable  business performance. The ISO 9001 standard provides specific requirements for a quality management system that will enhance your ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer - as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.

Independent assessment and certification of your quality management system by DNV GL gives a clear demonstration to the market that you work to apply an effective quality management system in your organisation.

ISO 9001 provides a model for a quality management system which focuses on the effectiveness of the processes in a business to achieve desired results.
The standard promotes the adoption of a process approach emphasizing the requirements, added value, process performance and effectiveness, and continual improvement through objective measurements.
Previous versions of ISO 9001 were tailored to the manufacturing industries and called for extensive system documentation. The current version is more generic and applies equally well to all organisations, regardless of type, size, and product provided.
Certification to ISO 9001 demonstrates to potential customers your organisation’s ability to meet their requirements and needs. This results in:

Enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction, which in turn can lead to increased business.
A significant competitive advantage because more and more companies require management system certification from suppliers and sub-contractors in order to conduct business with them.