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Umami Steamer X

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Product Detail
Umami Steamer X (Fast, Healthy, Delicious Cooking)
Umami Steamer X believes good health is "simple" and "easy" - these are the components for a healthy lifestyle. It can brings us "fast cooking”, "health" and “deliciousness”. Programmatic cooking technology that cooks for you and lets you gain at least 30 minutes back of in your busy day.
Umami Steamer X is comprised of four parts: the water tank , the food extract chamber, the steam rack and the tempered glass lid.

How to use?
Prepare your food as usual and press a few buttons. So, let's do it now.
  • Step 1 : Fill water between the markings in the water tank. Remember, please use distilled water instead of tap water.
  • Step 2 : Place some rice, ribs and carrot cubes in the extract chamber to make congee. Then, place the other food like the prawns, shellfish and vegetables in the steam rack for separate steaming.
  • Step 3 : Close the steamer with the glass lid.
  • Step 4 : Set the cooking time and temperature.
Umami Steamer X can produce steam at 100 degrees Celsius within 15 seconds after first time to use. It is quick. The high-pressure feature is energy efficient and cooks your food in less time than other leading steam ovens. During operation, water stored in the tank is at a constant room temperature.

Umami Steamer X retains food with original flavour and nutrition. And, its extract chamber can gather all the food essence. This is why Umami Steamer can create the healthy and delicious meals.
  • Enjoy cooking time: When Umami steamer X is running , you can sit back and relax until it gives you a “completion” signal - which turns on.
  • Smoke-free cooking: You don't need to endure cooking smoke and smells.
  • Easy to clean: Add water and citric acid in the water tank. And, press the cleaning button. The whole cleaning process takes 35 minutes.
Umami Steamer X provides "self-cleaning" function.
  • Step 1 : Add water and citric acid in the water tank
  • Step 2 : Press the cleaning button, and the self-cleaning process will be started after the signal is switched on.
  • Step 3 : The whole cleaning process takes 35 minutes.
Descaling procedure is required for the Umami Steamer X will be after 40 hours of operation; The steamer will divide the descaling warning procedure into three stages times. It is unique warming signals to make sure you should conduct descaling procedure time by time.

*The packaging box may use the old model packaging.*
Model No.: Steamer X
Brand Name: Umami
Number of Layer: 1
Certification: BackerLand
Power (W): 1300
Voltage (V): 100-120V, 220-240V
Function: Self-cleaning, 15 seconds fast heating, Adjustable Thermostat, Digital Timer Control, Warmer Function
Product Size: (L) 370mm x (W) 256mm x (H) 235mm
Shipping destination available
  • Hong Kong