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Eucalyptus Deodorant Antibacterial Spray

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Product Detail
Green Elm Eucalyptus Deodorant Antibacterial Spray 50ml
Extracted from eucalyptus young leaves and combined with natural, it has antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

This product won Reiwa's first year's special prize in the "Murayoshi Special Product Contest", and was selected from special products from all over Japan.

Eucalyptus has six main functions?
1. Influence on thought
The essential oils contained in eucalyptus leaves can effectively soothe mood and increase concentration, as well as help to refresh.

2. Impact on health
Eucalyptus inhibits inflammation, antibacterial and antiviral effects, and promotes various cold symptoms of blood circulation. It is effective for influenza and hay fever. In addition to soothing joint and mucous membrane inflammation, it is also effective for muscle pain and rheumatism.

3. Impact on beauty
By inhibiting the growth of bacteria, it is effective for acne skin and skin congestion.

4. Effects on the skin
Wounds can be effectively treated by disinfecting and forming scars.

5. Effects on hair
Its anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effects are effective for scalp care. The appearance of various bacteria can eliminate sebum stains and inflammation of the scalp odor.

6. Impact on insect control
Eucalyptus contains insect repellent effect, which is effective for insect repellent. The desired effect can be achieved by making a therapeutic oil and applying it on the skin.

<Raw Materials> Water, eucalyptus extract, ethanol, chitosan, deodorant

Place of origin: Japan
Brand Name: Green Elm
Product Size: 50ml
Certifications, Standards & Safety Approvals, Awards: Eucalyptus Deodorant Antibacterial Spray SDS , Eucalyptus Deodorant Antibacterial Spray 製品安全
Reference Price: Hong Kong Dollar 74
Port: Hong Kong
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  • Malaysia
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