Zhangzhou Changfeng Computer Equipment Co.,Ltd

Mainland China, Fujian
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Miss Nolan Zheng
Sales Manager

Since 1988, Changfeng Computer Equipment Co. Ltd. has been dedicated to developing and producing computer peripherals- PC Cases, Switching Power Supply and related Computer Accessories for more than ten years with good quality and competitive prices. Meanwhile we produce another electronic product -- Accurate Tea Distributing Machine which can accurately weigh the tea. And now another new product FDM 3D printer, with high resolution ratio, Save the mould cost, rapid prototyping. Revolution for DIY lovers, engineers, architects, educators. Commercial...
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Malyan 3D Printer M450
Malyan 3D Printer M150
Malyan 3D Printer M180
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Malyan 3D Printer M180
Malyan 3D Printer M450
Malyan 3D Printer with Single...
3D Printer
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