Shenzhen Yintianxia trading co. LTD

Mainland China, Guangdong
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Dr. - Li

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The company formerly known as shenyang yintianxia trading co., ltd. was established in 2015. The main business for the production and processing of silver jewelry original design. Opening a sales company in shenzhen at the end of 2018. Resale products throughout the country by the majority of consumers recognized.

The company's main business scope:

Shenzhen yintianxia trading co., LTD. Main products are silver lighters, silver tea sets, silver wine sets, silver tableware and silver...
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Baifu Lighter
Stay True to the Mission Theme...
Zen Theme Lighter
Bodhidharma Theme Lighter
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Avalokitesvara Theme Electronic...
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Silver lighter, silver tea set, silver wine set, silver tableware, silver ornaments.
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