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Miss Linda Ou

Our professional design staff, based on customer needs, customers can build a variety of bike models.
 In2006, the company registered its trademarks, brand Oupuson . In 2009, obtained the patent application.In 2010,the product passed the CE international certification, high quality and reasonable price...
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Mini Metal Bike Model
Oupuson DIY Bike Model Scale:1:8(Pre-Assembled)
Oupuson Metal Bike Model Scale:1:8(Pre-Assembled)
Mini Bike Model Educational...
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Mini Bike Model Educational...
DIY Bicycle Model Educational...
Mini Assembly Bike Model for...
DIY Mini Metal Bike Model
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Our products are various components connected by screws and / or nuts, you can easily disassemble or assemble, can improve cyclists' interest and ability. The parts are made of metal and quantity is 95 pcs. Our products is @teaching kits in south korea, is also teaching materials in France. Functions 1. Collection: This product is designed and manufactured in a scale according to the real world classic bicycles and the trend of popularity. The mechanical structure of the original bicycles is completely copied in the models. It makes a perfect choice of collection. 2. Gift: The product is perfectly devised and manufactured with fine workmanship. The nice appearance makes it an ideal decorative article. It may be displayed as an artwork or sent as a gift. 3. Recreation: Through assembly and disassembly, your hands and brains will be exercised. That helps to keep your fingers nimble and the brain relaxed, being a spare time killer good for accomplishment in self-cultivation especially among the aged and sedentary. It also helps enhance the brain and delay the brain aging process. 4. Mood improvement: The high pace life nowadays leads to tension, fantod, complicated mind, loneliness and turbidity among many people. This product is something like toy. It conjures up the worry-free childhood, making you always young and pure inside. 5. It enhances the cognitive function and ability. Children above 8 & youngsters will get their logical thinking ability, imagination and hand-on ability developed while their fingers are excised. It also develops the children & youngsters' interest and ability in mechanical creation, being good companion for children & youngsters. 6. Self-satisfaction: DO IT YOURSELF to complete assembly of a miniature bike with complicated structure. It reflects your ability and intelligence, enhances your confidence and delights you.
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