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Miss Man Ying To
Director Manager

Our scientific expert has found Kunlun gold nephrite in the Kunlun Mountains many years ago. In the year of 2013 Kunlun gold nephrite was explored and the year after Han Xing International (HK) holdings group Ltd. was established. After that, we focused on exploitation and participate in each step of the Kunlun Gold Nephrite, from the original gemstone to mining, design, cutting and polishing. We have perfected in creating unique masterpieces.
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Kunlun Jinyu Bracelet
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Natural Kunlun gold nephrite is the highest quality among of Kunlun nephrite and first discovered thousand of years ago in the ‘Kunlun’ mountains. Due to the complex geological conditions that are suited to produce this type of nephrite is rare, the quantity of this type of nephrite is limited therefore precious. For many years, Han Xing International Holdings Group has been conducted scientific investigations and geological surveys in the ‘Kunlun’ mountains and in 2013 the Kunlun gold nephrite was fond on the east side of the mountain near Xiwang Mu Yao Chi lake. Using geological calculations it was determined that there are less than 300 tonnes of Kunlun gold nephrite there. The beauty of the Kunlun gold nephrite is in its ‘soft as butter’ feel and the bright colors enhanced by natural deposits of gold that creates a magnificent appearance of golden stars spread throughout the nephrite. The top quality pieces are characterized by evenly distributed embedding of gold and a glass-like reflects green texture. Naturally inlaid gold nephrite, fully reflects the nature of ‘you are in me, I am in you’ harmonious beauty, making any piece truly prized possession. Surveys have also shown that the pyrite inside if the nephrite can have health care, making the Kunlun gold nephrite a precious and valued commodity in for its collector appeal, physical beauty and investment value.
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  • Hong Kong
  • Mainland China
  • Other Asian Countries
  • Southeast Asia
  • Taiwan
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Kunlun Gold Nephrite