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源自迷人的西班牙,ARTĒ 在西班牙語中的意思為藝術,每件首飾均以創意及熱情打造而成。憑著長達整個世紀之久的工藝,ARTĒ揉合別出心裁的設計、傳統精湛工藝鑲嵌,及最尖端的寶石切割技術,使ARTĒ不僅優雅同時兼具時代感,無論是日常服飾搭配,抑或是出席晚宴派對,讓您時刻展現獨特的個人風格。

With origins from Spain, ARTĒ means art in Spanish, each piece of ARTĒ jewellery is a gift from heaven with a unique persona oozing passion and creativity. With over a century of expertise in the art of jewellery making, the unrivalled skills to blend exquisite beauty and cutting edge designs, ARTĒ jewelleries can match with daily outfits as well as dress up for special occasions to enhance...
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ARTĒ 每件作品都由精通雕琢和成品工藝,熟練的工匠親手製作而成。為了突破傳統寶石在珠寶設計中的自然局限,ARTĒ 特地選擇瑞士新型合成寶石,寶石結合科學工藝技術,保證高品質的水準。 Time honoured craftsmanship from the contemporary to the renaissance is witnessed in every ARTĒ jewel. To break the barriers of natural restrictions in the design of jewellery with traditional gemstones, ARTĒ employs new generation synthetic gemstones from Switzerland, which combine scientific crafting techniques complemented with excellent quality assurance standards.
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