How to Sell
Step 1
Register as a Verified Supplier
Registration is easy!
The first step to selling on the Small Orders website is to become an HKTDC registered and verified supplier.
Register as a Verified Supplier
Incredible benefits to verified HKTDC suppliers:
    A community of quality global buyers and suppliers
  • Connect with a massive network of quality buyers, including 2 million online registered buyers, more than 770,000 trade fair visitors and 5 million product magazine readers.
  • Receive your share of over 24 million business connections generated annually via Sourcing.
    Integration of trade fair and online promotions
  • Be referred to trade fair buyers and receive even more sourcing enquiries.
  • Enjoy priority when participating in buyer meetings and networking events at HKTDC trade fairs.
    Greater trust among buyers and suppliers
  • Utilize third-party authentication to boost buyer confidence.
  • Identify quality buyers through Buyer Reference.
Boost Buyer Confidence with Third-Party Authentication

Company Verification
Supplier information is verified by international organizations as a sign of integrity and to enhance sourcing confidence.
Company Verified Dun & Bradstreet authenticates company information
Certificates Verified TÜV Rheinland verifies certificates
Supplier Reference Ge-TS, Goodwill China and Panjiva validates export data
Compliance Verification
TÜV Rheinland verifies four compliance areas of suppliers' factories and issues an independent report. This helps to validate suppliers' integrity by revealing the essential information that buyers look for when sourcing online.
Compliance Verified
The more verified logos you have, the higher your ranking on the sourcing engine!