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The hktdc.com Small Orders helps you successfully connect and establish long-term relationships with buyers from around the world. Here are some success stories from our verified suppliers.
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Hong Kong
Artspirit Creative Company Limited
Ms Siy, Designer
“On average, we receive more than 20 enquiries or buyer referrals from hktdc.com and its Small Orders platform every week. Buyers are from various regions, including Europe, South East Asia, the Chinese Mainland, etc. The hktdc.com Small Orders zone at trade fairs provides suppliers a great chance to promote their products to international markets.”

hktdc.com Small Orders online transactional platform offers a convenient solution to buyers who would like to place sample orders and test the market. A buyer from Europe first ordered 80 different types of character-themed merchandise from Artspirit Creative Company Limited for their retail store in Sweden, now they are discussing about repeating orders and new products. There is also a supplier from the Chinese Mainland who is exploring licensing stationery items with them after testing the market with sample orders.
Hong Kong
Keytron International Company Limited
Mr Gakugo Chan, Sales Manager
“HKTDC follows the market development closely; their e-Commerce Consultant has given us valuable advice on how to adjust our online sales and promotion strategies.

Keytron International Company Limited has received more than 200 orders from hktdc.com Small Orders, with buyers from over 28 countries / regions, including traditional markets such as the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, as well as from new markets such as Czech, Chile, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, etc.

Hong Kong
Natural Made Company Limited
Mr Lawrence Lam, Director
“The hktdc.com Small Orders transactional platform allows buyers to test the market first and further negotiate offline sales deals. With integrated exposure through HKTDC trade fairs, hktdc.com Small Orders online and product display zone, it’s effective in introducing our brand to more buyers worldwide.”

A Taiwanese buyer spotted Natural Made Company Limited from the hktdc.com Small Orders product display zone and reached out to them proactively. After rounds of phone and email communication, the buyer ordered 800 sets of ecofriendly baby tableware for selling on over ten e-commerce platforms in Taiwan, including PC Home Online, Rakuten and Yahoo Super Mall.

Hong Kong
Chiilaku Limited
Mr Chan, General Manager
“Through displaying products in the Small Orders zone and listing them on the online Small Orders platform, a Singaporean buyer found and placed a sample order with us. After repeating a few orders, we were invited to form a new company together to bring our products to South East Asian markets such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

“We also received lots of buyer enquiries from hktdc.com Small Orders online; some are even from local malls.”

Hong Kong
Hong Sheng Bags & Design Ltd
Mr Anthony Chan, General Manager
“An Israel buyer whom we met at HKTDC’s trade fair ordered 20 pieces of products from us via hktdc.com Small Orders and repeated the order as the product is well-received by the market, now the buyer has become our official distributor in the region.

Before using the online transactional platform, it usually took us at least half a year to conclude a deal with a buyer. Now we can sell small amount of samples to buyers through hktdc.com Small Orders online and let the buyers test the market first. This can ease buyers’ worries regarding the quality of products and sales potential. The better the products perform in the market, the higher the chance for buyers to repeat orders.
Chinese Mainland
Zhejiang Tangwind Crafts Co Ltd
Mr. Zhenhua Zhu, General Manager
“hktdc.com Small Orders matches our development vision and market approach, and helps us expand sales channels. In the past few years, we continuously showcase our products in the hktdc.com Small Orders zone at trade fairs, it successfully attracts many new buyers to our booths to further discuss businesses.

Forreststore Co Ltd
Mr Chvait Chetchaiyan, Founder
I really like the idea of ‘Small Orders’. It is important for customers to be able to purchase one or two items as samples as the first step. We only rely on HKTDC’s online platform to expand and promote business to different markets.”

The best part of it is that HKTDC’s online marketplace attracts a large number of prospective, high-quality international customers, who would browse detailed information about our products and brand on hktdc.com. Ever since joining the HKTDC online marketplace, we get new enquiries almost everyday.”
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Aeskimo Company Limited
Mr Nont Pongpairoj, General Manager
“I would say it is a global trend for buyers to purchase in small quantities, hktdc.com Small Orders is a great platform for us to connect with different types of customers.”

I think this online platform outstands from many other similar e-commerce systems. On a daily basis, I get 2 to 3 customer enquiries from hktdc.com and I am pleased with the result.
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Huey Tung Int'l Co Ltd
Ms Cara Wang, Sales Manager
“hktdc.com can facilitate promotion and sales of our products and help us reach out to overseas buyers, especially in introducing our new products to the market. We also promote via multiple channels offered by HKTDC such as having product showcases at trade fairs and advertising in HKTDC Product Magazines. However, it is most important to join the hktdc.com Small Orders platform and display our product photos and information online. This can maximise our promotion effectiveness as we can have continuous exposure throughout the year and after the fair.