Buyer Protection by PayPal
Protecting you from checkout to delivery

Ordering online through Small Orders is easy and safe. You can feel confident that your personal and financial information are secure with PayPal.

Buyer Protection by PayPal
Buy Protection icon1 So if your order doesn't arrive or match its description or is damaged in shipping then PayPal can help you resolve your problem.
Buy Protection icon2 You are further protected with the latest fraud prevention technology with 24/7 account monitoring from a dedicated team of security specialists.
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Protection for unauthorised transactions
You may be eligible to receive protection for unauthorised purchases made with your PayPal Account if you notify PayPal within 60 days of the incident.
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A responsive support team from PayPal
The customer service from PayPal would assist you if a problem arises. The team can help you deal with suspicious account activity, identity theft or phishing concerns, or help resolve a problem with a purchase.
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Refunds for incorrect orders
If an eligible item doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the seller’s description, Buyer Protection will help you recover the full purchase price of the item plus shipping costs.
You can lodge a dispute with 180 days. If no satisfactory response is received from the seller, a claim must be filed within 20 days of raising the dispute.

Login to your PayPal account on and select Resolution Center for help.

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